Below are a selection of testimonials from some of our happy clients.

Greg and Brownwyn Payne
Greg and Brownwyn Payne

“Three years ago we started looking for the home and builder for us. After searching Adelaide, Melbourne and everywhere in between, we went to have a look at a Niche Homes display home.

The first thing that caught our attention was the quality of tradesmanship. Next was learning that all the features we could see were included in the price. We were really impressed! Then we got to meet the great young professional couple that would be prepared to take on the task of delivering what they were displaying.

Now, as we spend our first night in our new Niche Home, we can see all the qualities we were hoping for. Mark whenever there was an obstacle, you handled it truly professionally, making sure that we were totally happy.

Yvette, it was great to know I had your expertise whenever it was needed. Together you make a wonderful team! Thank you for everything, with great gratitude.”

Nick and Helen Watson
Nick and Helen Watson

When it came to building a new home, Nick and Helen Watson’s wish-list was a little longer than most. With their young son Ryan in a wheelchair, there were plenty of important design features to consider, starting with the location. The family needed to find a flat block of land, so Niche Homes’ Mark Versace joined them for a drive around Mount Gambier in search of something suitable.

“It was our understanding that we’d simply buy a block and then call the builder, but Mark had some concerns about the slope of the driveway, so it was great to have his experience on board,” Nick says.

When the ideal site was eventually found in the Peppermint Grove sub-division, the focus switched to the structure itself. “We needed to take things like access and floor coverings into consideration and doorframes and hallways had to be wider than usual, and we wanted non-slip floor surfaces in some of the wet areas,” Helen explains.Mark and his wife Yvette relished the opportunity to come up with a design that delivered their needs.“It was a real test in terms of planning – simple things like steps were ruled out, and we needed to consider things like reinforced wall handles early on in the construction phase in order to ensure that they would be strong and sturdy for Ryan,” Mark explains.

But Niche Homes embraced the challenge, and is proud to say that there was no compromising on style along the way. With Yvette’s vast experience as an interior stylist coming into play, Helen was able to select the latest contemporary fixtures and fittings.

“I had a fair idea of what I wanted, but I really appreciated Yvette’s expertise when it came to sourcing certain products,” she says. Just over a week after moving into their dream property, the Watsons are clearly right at home. “I think it helps that we felt so involved right throughout the construction process – we built up more of a friendship than a standard builder-client relationship, and I don’t think there was anybody who worked on the property that Mark didn’t introduce me to,” Nick says.

“They had vision, they were willing to experiment with edgy materials such as Merbau decking under the eaves and colorbond, and they were always so approachable,” Helen adds.

“Niche Homes were willing to listen and do whatever it took to make us happy, and we’re absolutely thrilled with the result.”

Ryan and Alana Creek
Ryan and Alana Creek

“Thank you for all your efforts during the recent construction of our new home…it was really important to us to find a builder who we felt we could trust, who we could talk to and who would listen to what we wanted and we did. It made the process much easier working with someone who was so approachable and who was willing to listen and be able to communicate and handle any hiccups along the way with honesty and professionalism.

All the tradespersons that worked on our home were professional, approachable and very easy going.
It was extremely important for us to know that the builder was also on-site supervising, and Mark was always available to offer advice and oversee construction.

We have no hesitation in recommending Niche Homes to friends and strangers and would like to thank you once again for such a wonderful and relatively stress-free building experience.”

Allan and Cherylynn Perryman
Allan and Cherylynn Perryman

“When it was time to choose a builder for our home we sought advice and quotes from other builders but Niche Homes soon became the obvious choice. With Niche Homes we could tick all the boxes: quality, price, attention to detail.

Mark and Yvette were hands on in every aspect of our building journey, from the initial meetings, planning, interior design to completion; nothing has been left to chance. Mark is energetic, enthusiastic and particular, and has shared the vision we had for our home. Even though landscaping was not part of the contract, Mark was also prepared to advise and help us in this area.

Don’t let Mark’s youthful looks fool you! He is an experienced and dedicated builder and we couldn’t recommend him more highly. Building our dream home could have been a daunting experience but Mark and Yvette have provided an enjoyable and hassle free process for us and were attentive to our needs.”

Andrew and Lorraine Pryce
Andrew and Lorraine Pryce

Andrew and Lorraine Pryce contracted Niche Homes after learning that the company was behind another striking property in their home town of Robe. A visit to a Niche Homes display home in Mount Gambier further convinced the couple that this was the builder for them.

‘We were not only impressed by their modern ideas and designs, but also their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship,’ says Andrew.

Mark and Yvette set themselves very high standards and are extremely fussy when it comes to getting things right, ensuring everything turns our perfect!’

After meeting with Niche Homes’ designer, plans were soon underway for a four-bedroom home, complete with an office, open plan living and outdoor entertaining.

‘We wanted something with a sense of openness that was also low maintenance,’ Andrew explains.

‘Niche Homes simply couldn’t help us enough – Mark gave us regular updates, and he ensured we were on first-name basis with all the tradesmen once construction began.’

Mark and Yvette also made the time to personally introduce the couple to all of their suppliers, with Yvette also providing valuable advice when it came to interior designing such as planning the kitchen and selecting tiles.

‘They had vision and they were always so approachable, yet they were also willing to listen,’ Lorraine says.

‘We’d definitely recommend them to anyone – and we’ll certainly go back to Niche Homes if we ever build again,’ Andrew says.

Cathy Bell
Cathy Bell

“After deciding to enter into the home ownership market as a first home owner, I was soon convinced that building a new home would enable me to ‘have what I wanted’ and take advantage of the Government incentives available through the ‘First Home Owners Grant’ Scheme.  After identifying the land, I had no hesitation in contacting Niche Homes to build my new home. What impressed me was their use of natural building materials and their simple slogan “Quality everyone can afford”.

Following my initial meeting with Mark, we identified that there were some important time frames that needed to be met to comply with the Government Incentive Scheme, and due to the limited building projects undertaken by Mark annually I was unsure if my project could fit within his schedule. Following further discussions and unavoidable delays with other of his projects, I was happy to sign the building contracts and my vision of owning my first home was beginning to come to reality.

Both Mark and Yvette make a great team, their professional approach to all aspects of building my home, attention to detail and willingness to go beyond their duty is a true indication of why I believe they are highly regarded within the building industry. Their openness, genuine friendship and guidance has been outstanding and all expectations portrayed at the commencement of my building journey were exceeded.

No stone was left unturned during the project. Mark ensured that I was fully informed throughout the whole construction period and was quick to resolve any issue that arose in a timely and proficient manner. His simple approach was ‘as long as you are happy, then I am happy’.

Even though I have been living in my home over a month now, regular contact by Mark continues to ensure that any minor outstanding issues are being attended to and I am not a forgotten story. Thank you for making my dream of owning my own ‘beautiful new home’ finally come to fruition! I could not have asked for anything more.”